Adds for sparring outside on off tournament days: Game Center IDs

Trainwreck13Trainwreck13 Registered Users 1 Posts
I'm looking for some people to spar with on tournament off days for practice. Any takers? My Game Center ID is [.]beast666[.] oh yeah and I'm level 53


  • naphitphonnaphitphon Registered Users 3 Posts
  • brentleybrentley Registered Users 3 Posts
    how do i add u to sparr with u
  • ZammarackZammarack Registered Users 30 Posts
    Add for sparring zzz GC ID :☆ ★ Deify ★ ☆
    Lvl. 74
    I look forward to fighting some of you ;)
    Kay thnx bye.
    I'm The Best ~ Imperishable
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