Is EW2 Supported any longer?

I have noticed that admins no longer post to these forums. Is Eternity Warriors 2 no longer supported in any fashion, or are we forced to play EW3? I have started playing EW3 but I much prefer EW2 for multiple reasons. The only problem is that I cannot log on to EW2. The first screen starts loading and then when the bar fills up to about 7/8ths full the screen goes blank and never recovers. How can I get this fixed? I use a Galaxy S4. I have put some decent time and coin into my toon and I would prefer to have a patch or something that will sync the game back with my phone rather than delete it and try to reinstall. I have deleted all the android files so that it re-patches etc, but it always stops at the same point and will not continue. It is very frustrating. Any help would be appreciated. I am concerned that if I delete it and start all over again, that the same thing will happen in the future and I will be screwed out of coins spent once again... I would appreciate any help or suggestions.
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