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sup Glu, I got this revolutionary suggestion for you, bet it will make your Mmorpg stand out from the others.
how about...and I know this might sound really stupid about giving us the option of buying back items, I know right! completly insane idea I have!
so why this ridiculous idea you may ask? this may sound weird but people can sell some of the items they do not wish to sell as an impuls, and you can say: "well that's just being stupid on their part" and I say no, this is human flaw, you will without doubt experience it yourself, everyone does.
but this happens more for Ipad players I quess, because finger movements without tought are very quikly made on a somewhat small touchscreen.
and what else, a player might think later to themselves that it wasn't sush a good idea to sell those reagants, those still have some value, because I just found out that I do not have enough reagants to upgrade the Items that I do have at this moment.

I know, I should ask money for this Idea, its so revolutionary that you have never seen it in any other RPG like game right?
but you can have it for free, because I am in a good mood.

Another thing that I see other people complaining about which I self have not expirienced yet is that its very easy to spend 70 gems on reviving...
first off... 70 gems, that translates to 2-3 dollars per revive? that is kinda you know, really, really....really expensive for getting another chance in a game where a level or boss lasts no longer then 3 minutes, I mean, I would never spend a gem on reviving meself but it's not worth more then 20 most, which is still like 80 cents per revive for a 3-minute-per-level-game.
secondly, it is indeed easy to spend gems on this without you knowing if you are used to having a few revive potions, again it's this "impuls" thing that I was talking about.
and then you also this thing that people say that the attack button is placed right at the same place where the revive button is, I have not paid attention to that, but I highly doubt that it is not the truth, in which case I don't understand why you didn't think that trough a little bit more.

oh yeah, nerf those Eyeball sub bosses, I mean foe... never whined about no cyclops or hellboy, but those eyeballs... son if you get caught by one of those, dont matter if yo Gs is 500 above the expected GS ( altough no one needs the expected GS for any level unless you never played an game that requires some hand-eye coordination skill ) yo bottom will be roasted, can almost end in an instant death, that is insane for a sub boss, I dont get caught by them...but if in any case I do get caught there is no way to recover from it, unless I am willing to spend a health potion for some minor boss ofcourse, which I doubt anyone wants.


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    After read your first "suggestion" I decided not read the rest, your suggestion is abuse way to glu, players will use it as extra bag slots .
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    etpc wrote: »
    After read your first "suggestion" I decided not read the rest, your suggestion is abuse way to glu, players will use it as extra bag slots .

    you know, that is very open minded of you, "I don't like the first suggestion so I am going to assume the rest is just as much garbage that it's not even worth reading" very strong argument you have there, I'll will even agree a bit with you, the second suggestion isn't very well written, however I do think that this is a very serious issue and alot of people have complained about this for a good reason,
    and the third one is more of a joke then anything else, the fact that it is the way that it is kinda bothers me, but in case 1 and 2 it is not something that could ruin your day.
    anyhow, I will update this.

    oh yeah without me giving any example of how this buy back system would work this is already abuse, listen kid, this is not me giving a nice suggestion, I'll agree on that but that is because this is something that is very basic in games like this for exactly the reason I explained.
    let's say you could only buy back the last item you have sold? will that affect the gameplay? will people abuse that as extra bag slots? no, the only way they will use that is in case they think, "oh...I just sold that item, I didn't want to do that, I better buy it back! thank god this possibility exists!" now let's say you can buy back the last 3 items you have sold will that affect the the gameplay? will people abuse that? what can you possibly do with 3 more slots? tell me, what would you do with 3 more slots? and let's keep in mind that these slots are not even a safe way to keep your items stored because if you close the game, your "store stored items" are gone, they can even make it so that the items you want to buy back are more expensive to make it even less convenient as bag space. so start using the gray braincells for this one or stop kissing glu's bottom or whatever approach you took reading this and read the thread and if you still don't like what I have to say, give me some solid argument.
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