Goodfellas hiring..

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Awesome number 5 guild always looking for good members with solid gs and active. Think you might fit in? Put it to the test and be in the top 5....

Add 24nathan to your friends now if your serious :)

Happy gaming!
Guild: -=WOLFPACK=-


  • ObarObar New Member Registered Users 30 Posts
    Tournament hoppers need not apply.
  • durc15durc15 Experienced Member Registered Users 124 Posts
    Obar wrote: »
    Tournament hoppers need not apply.

    I'm curious about this.

    If ever maybe there's a list of IGN you could remember that guilds should avoid recruiting.
    Just to mitigate the instances that these players are exhibiting with each tournament.

    Maintaining a guild, even if it's not as high as yours are difficult whenever they do this.

    Apologies if I might have hijacked the purpose of this thread.

  • PutPutPutPut Junior Member AustraliaRegistered Users 61 Posts
    does your guild still have slots ?
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