Accumulated drop rate

harry potterharry potter Registered Users 741 Posts
Any chance of changing the drop rate so they are accumulated over time?

E.G. If you kill general Oni 200 times the drop rate for the gold weapon increases to 30%. After 300 times it is 100%, then it resets to 0 again.

Possibly only for bosses and gold weapons.

Edit: Another idea I thought of before is for your pet to be intelligent and somehow guide you towards the bosses you need... eg he knows your gear and what regents you need to upgrade your gear, then he can suggest to you which boss to fight. Or, if you need more xp he can let you know which map/tower will give most xp for you. Also your pet can bring luck where you have a higher chance of finding the regents you actually need, instead of sigils all the time..


  • KaufmeatKaufmeat Registered Users 63 Posts
    I second this
  • enriquegenriqueg Registered Users 73 Posts
    Brilliant idea. GLU should take a look at this
  • EagleOneEagleOne Registered Users 18 Posts
    Would be nice if this could be implemented in endless and everywhere else. It would definitely help to eliminate the excessive grinding that must be done. It's obvious that drop rates are still lower than they used to be.
  • FallenonyouFallenonyou Registered Users 78 Posts
    I third this I don't know if that's a legitimate thing but I third it
  • mulkishamulkisha Registered Users 17 Posts
    That would defeat the point of the game. The clue is in the name 'eternity warriors' you will be playing forever to find stuff haha. And also everyone would eventually be running around with all the same gear
  • JohnBoy12JohnBoy12 Registered Users 129 Posts
    we shouldn't be running around with the same gear, this is why they should focus more on raising the level cap and add new gear with new levels. I understand they are adding PVP next because a large player base has at least one character over 10k gs so it should technically make pvp fair. This is haunted by the amount of hackers/modders who already take over tourneys for endless and some other tourneys. I think that is the main reason they should wait for pvp.

    hopefully pvp will only be out a few weeks before new content is released because I am tired of farming the same areas and getting the same couple of items. for example: I need godly boots and a few other godly items on my warrior but I have got 87 godly helms and 5 talismans for my last godly sign of any other godly items besides the one chestplate I had drop. This is why I kind of lean towards the same idea of this post. Godly items don't drop often but when they do I don't need the ones I already have several of in my inventory. Only good for fuse and evo tourney that we have every couple days lol.
  • sergiu111sergiu111 Registered Users 109 Posts

    Ain't gonna happen. Ever.
  • harry potterharry potter Registered Users 741 Posts
    sergiu111 wrote: »

    I think it depends on how many want it.

    Look at how many people wanted pvp and now we have pvp
  • kennygkennyg Registered Users 250 Posts
    I think it depends on how many want it.

    Look at how many people wanted pvp and now we have pvp

    pvp was always going to happen....look at how many people want glu to do something about the cheaters and what have they done?
  • bigBrulesbigBrules Registered Users 219 Posts
    Co-op has been asked for more than pvp, why hasn't that been added yet? Most likely haven't figured out a way to make money off it like pvp tokens.
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