Thoughts on Arena match up

AplzAplz New MemberRegistered Users 44 Posts
Pretty much I would suggest 2 things on matching at least.
- no different of more than 1k GS
- Rank + Level bonus shouldn't be more than 1 tier (E.g. 4.0, 4.3, 4.5, 4.8...)

I really got bullied having x4.0 fighting a x4.8, instant melt lol... While the GS normally means different in stats, more like a stone hitting a rock in that case. In another instant, I was 8,629 GS fighting another with 12,669 GS, that's a 4,040 GS different, so I wonder about the matching system.

Character nerf this and that, I don't see its any use, since everyone are accessible to any of the 3. Its more to favour anyone who only love to use the character he likes, e.g. mage.
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