[android] 3 people looking for a top 40 guild

harry potterharry potter Registered Users 741 Posts
Well I made a new guild, filled it with random people....

The trouble is every tournament I miss out on the guild rewards because 80% have 0 VP.

There are 3 of us looking for a top 40 guild.

You must place in top 40 or 50 at least most of the time

You must be willing to take all 3 of us.

1st guy- 12.5k GS mage (270k VP) , 2nd guy- 11.9k warrior (256K VP), 3rd guy- 10k warrior (151K VP).

The VP is for the current survival tournament, with 16 hours left.

Please post here with your guild name, your game name and where you usually rank (android only)

Also say if you have any unusual rules or regulations, such as having to get a minimum VP every tournament.


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    bigBrulesbigBrules Registered Users 219 Posts
    Android Guild - upgrade
    Position - CO Guild Leader
    Device's: Google Nexus 9 / Samsung Galaxy S4
    Roms / Operating System: Cyanogenmod 12 Lollipop 5.0.2
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    kennygkennyg Registered Users 250 Posts
    We are currently gs rank 13 and typically place anywhere from top ten to top thirty for all tournaments. We require members to not get zero vp in tournaments. We don't require vp for pay to win tournament. We ask members to let us know if wont be able to participate in a tournament. We are relatively drama free and would like to keep it that way. I am kennygz in game but won't be on until later. You are likely to find bigbrules on. We prefer 13k+ overall people, you only mentioned one toon per person. If you guys are at over or near 30k we would love to have you.
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    LakityanLakityan Registered Users 88 Posts
    Are you guys still available? If not, read no further ;-p...but if still available:

    Guild Galactik
    Overall GS Rank: 42 (there are vacant spots)
    Guild GS: 600913
    Overall VP Rank: 58
    Guild VP: 70072492
    We place Top 25 always, Top 10 sometimes
    Willing to take 3 of you
    My game name is Lakityan
    Last Evo Tourney we placed 9th, This recent Survival tourney we placed 9th...we hope to continue placing top 10 or top 15 once we get good players
    Participate/contribute actively in all tourneys (dont be picky please ;-p), we just dont actively strive to win any offerings tourney that requires players to pay to win.
    Be friendly, Be respectful, Be funny ;-p
    Absolutely NO hacking or modding tolerated or acceptable
    Dont have to be in chat all the time...its ok to let your VP and GS do the talking ;-p
    If unable to participate or contribute for one tourney, just have me or any Senior Officer know or any fellow guild members know about absence, who can pass it on
    VP is required...i didnt set minimum or maximum, i rather it be an honor system. If youre capable of making 100k, please do so...if you can make more than that, feel free to do so...something like that. :-)
    We do hate seeing zero VP and low scores from high gs players and then see high score from low gs players.
    I have a mix of low gs and high gs players...i believe in giving chances and have starters play side by side with high gs players. High GS tho is the majority.
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    kennygkennyg Registered Users 250 Posts
    hey lak I think your confused about one thing....pretty sure we placed 9th on last evo tourney. :-p
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    LakityanLakityan Registered Users 88 Posts
    kennyg wrote: »
    hey lak I think your confused about one thing....pretty sure we placed 9th on last evo tourney. :-p

    LOL apology if indeed I'm confused... It was a blur and exciting finish (there were three of us going at it up to the very last minute :-P) ...honestly we didn't get to have chance to check leaderboards. Just based it on last 4minutes where I saw we were still at 9. Anyway, still top 10 :-) And congrats to your guild :-) much respect Kennyg :-) I'll let my fellow guild members know :-)
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