Eradicate hacking?

reh2breh2b Junior MemberRegistered Users 95 Posts
Hi, i'm french and i'm ubset about cheater (god mod since new update....)
2 day after update cheat works... How you do that? I now see cheaters in top 10 PvP like "enlivam" for exemple....

SO if you Whant real help from your community to eradicate cheat.
Why we dont have a bouton in game to report a hacker? live!!

I hop you understand me and answer me.
Thomas from France.


  • teejareliasteejarelias Junior Member Registered Users 53 Posts
    I agree....there should be a way to report hackers in game....if we have to do your job by finding could at least make it easier !!!!!!!
  • reh2breh2b Junior Member Registered Users 95 Posts
    Do something fast to eradicate hackers. Or rename the game eternityCheaters?
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