How can you get level 50 gear on iOS?

Just wondering? Via spins or endless? Also how do we get the reagents? If on endless what level is the gold and purple?


  • Mohamed97Mohamed97 Registered Users 350 Posts
    I got a purple lvl50 res helmet , on wave 124/129 don't remember exactly , even tho reagent didn't drop till 138 so i guess it doesn't drop at least before 140 , didn't go further so can't inform u more
  • HenShin hohoHenShin hoho Registered Users 769 Posts
    usually drop for purple weapon Lv50 31++gs 4000plus attack ofcoz higher attacking value is Lv50 weapon is the best weapon but problem is all reagent only do drop from ivar cavern and legendary mode only. to those it would drop from tower or fire lotus even hellboy
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