Gears info on viewing others, info not viewable

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Hey. I'm still working on updating the gear info. But on the other hand, the information listed on each piece of gear is kinda static when I'm viewing players in town, could you make it scrollable in some way that I could view the PvP Power for Talisman/Ring since it also list the different between my current which eventually it take up new lines and not able to show the PvP Power in that last row of stats information.

Striking Talisman of the Berserker
4.2% Critical Chance
24.5% Critical Damage
4.3 Energy reduction
X.X% PVP Power ← hidden from list since it only show 6 lines.
5.8% Fire Damage

It would be nice just to touch the screen and move up and down just like in the inventory on the item.
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