Glu!u kidding me? For the developers "Glu inc."

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Glu!!! u kidding me? Last tournament i scrolled 160 jade offerings !!(the link below)
and I never saw the wings and golden clothes!
Do you have a conscience? the funny thing is on! after the end of the tournament, I scrolls another 35 + jade offerings and again emptiness.
I spend on the development of your company over $ 2000 per month! so tell me ,what the hell is going on? I demand compensation for moral damage!
The Support does not provide responses timely to the request of the players.
Making expensive purchases built in the game, i am looking forward to receive the high-quality of this game allowing them to use their newly acquired diamonds
Taking into account the obvious decrease of quality and the provided services . I claim:
If nevertheless the abovementioned problems are not solved, I will be forced to look for other ways to solve them, including a complete rejection of the game and the mass request to Apple iTunes service with the complaints to the developer.

P.S. I am strongly require you to arrange an affordable technical support that could respond quickly to our requests arising in the course of using the application. because your application does not work as expected! you have a week that would solve my problem!it's time to get 24/7 support! and think not only about money but also about customer satisfaction!


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    Bigbro161 wrote: »
    I spend on the development of your company over $ 2000 per month! so tell me ,what the hell is going on? I demand compensation for moral damage!

    Even disgustingly rich people aren't THAT stupid. 100% troll.
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    Bigbro161 wrote: »
    Glu!!! u kidding me? ... I spend on the development of your company over $ 2000 per month! so tell me ,what the hell is going on?

    As long as you (or others) are spending hundreds or more per month, they have little incentive to change their business model. They apparently don't recognize the opportunity cost of providing a stable and fair game with adequate customer support. There are many potential spenders just sitting on the sidelines, waiting for glu to get their act together. Personally, I think I've given up on waiting for them... :(
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    Until they post in this board that this issue is done buying gems as well....i avg about 600.00 a month. When it hurts them....they will fix it.
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    thanks for posting this, because we can see how pi$$ed off they let their best customers stay.

    btw, mild swear words like pi$$ed off should be allowed...
  • ThinIceThinIce Experienced Member Registered Users 463 Posts
    It's Glu mobile. They've been known to put the paywall higher than any casual player can climb. I'm going to say it's your fault for feeding in 2 grand on some piece of **** like this, but even then I'd expect you to get something from it. Turns out these guys are the biggest scammers in the mobile industry. I hope this company crumbles.
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    The fact that you have that kind of cash per month to spend on a free to play game is insane. Never expect anything good to come from a lottery type "spin" mechanic. It has the same drop mechanic as a boss just the item table is different... And it costs money to try.

    You could spend a million dollars and theoretically get garbage.

    The only time I spent money was for soul shards to lessen the grind. I learned my lesson on another game with the same mechanic.... It bull.

    It disheartens me to say it.. But you chose poorly.

    The worse part is that they dangle the best items in your face. If they showed the items you were "likely" to get. Nobody would pay for "spins".
  • harry potterharry potter Advanced Member Registered Users 741 Posts
    yes, it has been likened before to those grab machines with toys inside. You never get what you want. If they cared about their players they would make it more complex where your luck increases with spins, and it would tell you the % chance of something.

    One good thing they have done though is offer a guaranteed item... that's something at least.
  • TruthTruth Junior Member Registered Users 67 Posts
    Q. What do Glu and casinos have in common?
    A. They both see you coming.

    Clearly you have a gambling problem. At what point did you realize you should stop?

    It seems you are from Russia so heres some help: Problem Gambling Helpline, Info phone: +7 (495) 789 21 84
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