Offering tournaments back to back? New tournament please. At least act like you care

bigBrulesbigBrules Registered Users 219 Posts
Is anyone awake behind the wheel at glù? Two back to back offerings tournaments is ridiculous and just shows that glù doesn't care about the player's interest. Kritika and Iron Knights look better every day due to glù incompetence.
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  • jaggujaggu Registered Users 149 Posts
    Wth... This is insane.. Ppl should boycott this...

    Need new tournament.. Where the hell is catkin/cyclops/zombie Lord?
  • revitrevit Registered Users 245 Posts
    I guess this is normal offerings, where the last one was offering + VIP since they fcked up tiered spender. so what is it now? Evol>fuse>VIP/offering>offering??
  • GodeSsSGodeSsS Registered Users 51 Posts
    yea ... i can`t uderstand this sistem .... 2 turnament in row ... not good ;)
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HF & GL <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  • GodeSsSGodeSsS Registered Users 51 Posts
    i want endless turnament back .... !!!!
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HF & GL <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  • warrior22warrior22 Registered Users 95 Posts
    Nothing gonna happen bcoz glu dont ****ing care about anything.. All lazy noobs in glu team..
    - Hunter :p;)
  • aleksejs39aleksejs39 Registered Users 3 Posts
    Yes?,where is endless tournament?
  • ThinIceThinIce Registered Users 463 Posts
    This is why I stopped playing.
  • athellathell Registered Users 49 Posts
    Yep I agree it is getting tiresome. No tower no normal tier. Cant farm much s.q and the drop suckkk all over the ice caverns . Bottom line not much left
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