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Dear glû, I'm gonna make this short and sweet! Why isn't this game fix yet?? It's been forever and three updates and every update the game get worse!! I dont care about what weapons and reagants drop where ever! All i want is to beable to do damage on people in pvp and not chase them like a dumb a$$ and get Combos but not take damage off them. And the chat i dont even wanna get started wit that.. You make so much money off this game and i wish that people would stop spending it so then maybe you would give a dam about the game and fix it!! I've spent a lot of time and real money on this game and all it makes me wanna do anymore is throw my phone thru my tv, then throw the tv out the window.. Please act like you care about the people that are putting money in your pockets and do something about this game cause it just makes me sick to my stomach anymore and is going far down hill!! And stop making the lvl 50 gear so ugly. I know you wont reply or give a shît about what I have to say i just need to put it up here even tho every single person that plays this game thinks the same as i do!!!!

Sincerely, a very loyal but VERY unhappy player/customer


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    Your right slice...this game needs major fixing. But guess what Glu is not interested it seems. Every single thing is broken in this game as of now... Just tell me couple thing that's working the way it supposed to be. And the answer is nothing. Pvp is worse possible ever.. u keep hitting opponent combos and skill and they don't take damage but on other hand they even do normal attack and we get hit even we are not in range of their sword or whatever weapon. Are you guys blind or acting to be blind don't you see the game is at its worst part? Do you even play this game to understand how much this game is frustrating right now?

    Your last update said bug fixes and other improvement. what are those improvement can you tell me. Because according to me it became worst after the last update. Or let me guess for you improvement means something else you illiterate. Chat is broken new levels are broken. New level in Ice caveran drops prince reagent most of the time. why they even drop prince reagents? You made those new level pretty high and difficult level (which is totally fine) but set the loots what it supposed to be lord reagents and t9 armors and weapon even its green or grey... but no it still drops t8 things.

    Glu you are epic fail.
    - Hunter :p;)
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    I couldn't agree with you two more. I have been playing for 7 months and never feel so frustrated than now. Arena is one of my favorite features in this game and now it is like a nightmare. People keep running across my screen and I got hit suddenly from nowhere all the time. Most of my wins were from luck which I was not happy at all! And the chat now is horrible. Everytime I log in the old chat is gone and it is blank in both town/guild. And after a while you can't chat! What if you are guild leader/seniors and have something important to communicate with your members during tournies?
    I don't know if Glu admins read this thread but I hope you show some care to your faithful customers who have spent a lot of money in this game.
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    Glu, why have a forum for players if you aren't going to address any of our concerns? Like this is flipping outrageous. It's been weeks since this pvp lag started. It worked JUST FINE before the update. I am a very empathetic and sympathetic person but this silent treatment is downright unprofessional. I am dumbfounded at the lack of communication. You guys haven't once come on here to post what is wrong. Even if you blew smoke up my a$$, it is better than nothing. Lol I am sure your AppStore reviews and ratings have gone to shyt. U can't survive without new blood.
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    Is purple mist L fixed yet?
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    i am signing in with my 2 hands. i played since january. earlier in EW 2. i played day by day everyday and now my account goes wild its broken!!!! my guild kicked me off. (dont blame you JEFFRO. You are good men and friend). AND support team dont know what to say to mee. they said nothing!!!!!!! GLUU you want people to play your games???? start to carrry they!!!! I start to play others games. i will have new phone in friday if my account will be still broken i will past my screen and i willl say goodbye to you all good people. i rreally like the game!!!! see you in friday. . . . .
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    Slice wrote: »
    I've spent a lot of time and real money on this game and all it makes me wanna do anymore is throw my phone thru my tv, then throw the tv out the window.

    I seriously laughed at that ;);)

    Couldnt agree more!!!
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