Reporting issues in the game

Hi guys this thread is to all the people that are having trouble with the game, and i think all of us are having problems hehe

well i rode earlier in another thread that this kind of problems (connectivity, heroes blocked, lag, and all the problems that are in the game) are due to problems in the developers servers and it seems that they arent unable to fix things so the best is to send a report directly to apple and think this is a good idea

submit a ticket is the main thing to do but come on two weeks to receive an answer is too long due that if you want to improve in this game you need to play daily at least two hours

right now my main issue is that my mage got blocked for no reason and im loosing a lot of offerings from the daily quests, you can imagine how many cause my mage its at lvl 50 and almost all the gear is lvl 50 gear

we all are customers and as customers we deserve the best attention from the provider, if we place complaints is cause we like this game and want to play it without problems from the developers, it doesnt matter if we spend or not money in the game, that choice its up to everyone, we are customers and deserve the best attention

good luck to all and pleas guys fix this many of us want to keep on playing
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