NEW Bug - Players appear to have been kicked from guild, but have not.

All chats are DEAD
There are NO bots in town
And the guild icon takes you to a "create new guild" dialog box.... but we appear in the guild to friends.



  • masterettmasterett Registered Users 32 Posts
    Yeah, it started like 40-50min ago

    Just restart the game and dont click "guild" button and you will be fine

    Hopefully some glu server issue they fix asap

    Mast, guild leader in Oneunited (ios)
  • TuncTunc Registered Users 24 Posts
    lol, nice Glu
  • khmeekhmee Registered Users 21 Posts
    my chat is still not working, not showing as member of my guild. have restarted phone and game several times.
    the chat has been crashing every 5-10 mins, for the past two weeks Now Nothing

    im sure everyone is going to be very pleased about the prospect of missing guild rewards

  • khmeekhmee Registered Users 21 Posts
    some gold offerings may be needed to calm the masses.
  • AcronAcron Registered Users 3 Posts
    If it's not one thing its another with this game, least it's game wide I suppose. More likely to be fixed that way I would hope.

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