Selling account 45000gs

Bigbro161Bigbro161 New MemberRegistered Users 14 Posts
Hello guys. Selling acc. 3 50x 45k gf. writing ICQ 664880584 Make an unforgettable gift for yourself or someone you know in NY. I'll tell you how to change the nickname. iOS. hww4v5h5.231.jpg


  • warrior22warrior22 Junior Member Registered Users 95 Posts
    Down for 1 cent deal?
    - Hunter :p;)
  • hmcd550hmcd550 Junior Member Registered Users 76 Posts
    I would purchase the account but do to the frequent crashing I would not be able to justify said purchase or give you an amount that would be fair. Now if you need to sell. Give me 100.00 dollars and I would take it off your hands. Understand that is fair market price and don't believe I could accept anything more!!!!! ��
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