District 12 recruiting new members

BgslimBgslim Registered Users 27 Posts
We are a friendly and active guild who consistently place top 10 in tournaments and pvp.

We have some very experienced players who will share their knowledge of the game to maximise your own enjoyment and development of your own characters.

Pm me if interested. We currently have several places available. High GS desirable but active in tourneys more important.


  • SkenderbeuSkenderbeu Registered Users 85 Posts
    Hi, can I join? Lol
  • BgslimBgslim Registered Users 27 Posts
    Skender, we have a few places left so have sent you an invite. We are currently top 10 in both current tourneys (again!). Join us and you will reap the benefits and enjoy the game a lot more. We just ask that you do your best in tourneys.
  • OmniGoldOmniGold Registered Users 5 Posts
    Can I join? I Frequently play and check
  • BgslimBgslim Registered Users 27 Posts
    OmniGold wrote: »
    Can I join? I Frequently play and check

    See you've joined another guild. Let me know if you ever look to change.
  • jayceepjayceep Registered Users 1 Posts
    I am quite active, in a guild but would like to be in a more active one . Thanks
  • bLOwN21bLOwN21 Registered Users 1 Posts
    Is District12 still recruiting? My ign is bLOwN21 gs 7.4k and very active in tourny's but not a very good pvp'er but i still try
  • FaxMachineFaxMachine Registered Users 7 Posts
    District 12 is solid. Guild chat is always entertaining :cool:
  • JangsterJangster Registered Users 4 Posts
    I see you guys have made a good progress... hope all is well :)
  • LordLamarLordLamar Registered Users 1 Posts
    I'd like to join your guild. My gs is low but I participate in every tournament. Pls consider. Ign - LordLamar
  • SkenderbeuSkenderbeu Registered Users 85 Posts
    Lol Slim, this is Naph
  • tangee00tangee00 Registered Users 2 Posts
    Hi, pls add me to your guild. Active player seeking for good and experience guild mates. Tq
  • SpacoKSpacoK Registered Users 2 Posts
    Need one more active player? SpacoK in game add me to friends m8
  • ScootRockScootRock Registered Users 2 Posts
    Hi active player here, left previous guild due to the disbanding/not keepingup with inactive members. Currently 10k+ VP for tourney, 3K+ GS total, mild spender, play several hours a dayif I can. Thanks!
  • RÿnRÿn Registered Users 2 Posts
    I'm looking for a good guild to join. I am very active and am lookin for a group that is the same.

  • AcdevilAcdevil Registered Users 12 Posts
    I got dropped somehow in the last update. Can someone send me a gild invite? I'm slignigitch in the game.
  • jukz69jukz69 Registered Users 1 Posts
    hi please invite me..im very active..i participate in tourneys everytime
    IGN: IBomb
  • OmniGoldOmniGold Registered Users 5 Posts
    Can I join? Level 48 and 9223 GS. Play every night and participate in tourneys. Name: OmniGold
  • Auffy16Auffy16 Registered Users 1 Posts
    You guys still recruiting? 12.3k gs monk, 10k gs warrior top 500 player every tourney.
  • Alex230868Alex230868 Registered Users 3 Posts
    lvl 48
    gs 7800
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