Class Specialization Paths

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note: this is a three part thread, "ability pools", and "resource system" are the other two

Class Specialization Paths
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Eternity Warriors 3 is, as it describes itself, an “RPG”, or role playing game, and for the most part it fits the bill, with rather un-backstoried classes, gear, dungeons, etc. However, on the classes, there are, in total, 3. 3 classes, with four unique abilities, and 3 passives… Is that really all? Yes. Yes it is. In the game you’re given three choices: the bulky warrior meant to sustain and parry hits like Conan, the mage, a (kind of) ranged class meant to dish out (kind of) torrents of damage from (kind of) afar, or the Monk, who, like the Tao Yin and Yang, hits the balance point, capable of having the defensive mobility of the warrior with the damage of the mage, jack of all trades, master of none. This is perfectly fine, I am not asking for more classes, what I am saying is to make the existing ones less… dull. I mean, seriously! Look at Dungeon Hunter 4, Eternity Warriors 3’s main contender in mobile RPG’s, each class (of which there are four: warrior, monk, wizard, and archer), has tons of abilities for each slot, and passives to boot. All while Eternity Warriors 3 has 3 classes, all with set abilities that you upgrade just so that there is some relative value to leveling up. Eternity Warriors 3 should not be like this, the most acclaimed action RPG has much more potential to what it actually is, and I think that it’s possible for it to become so much more.

Class Specializations

Alright, specializations are basically a time in which you decide how you want to play your class, do you want to play a more offensive warrior that builds rage for some powerful and stunning (literally, this spec’s got Crowd Control to stun God), or do you want to be more bulky and be like a tank? Also not that you can switch specializations all you want, and you can stick to the default class if you so desire
So, without further ado, lets-a-go:


The Gladiator:

The Gladiator is an offensive warrior class that fights like a warrior, but sacrifices it’s parry passive for an ability that cause its spells to stun, stun time is based on spell tier. It also changes from a passive that increases defense to a passive that increases attack.

The Legionnaire:

The Legionnaire is a defensive warrior class that basically is a buffed up warrior, it has triple the defense increase, and rather than a passive that has you deal more damage the lower health you are, instead has a passive that has you regain health whenever you use a spell (other than your defense tier spell), and a passive that gives you rage when you are hit or you make a (successful) parry, in compensation for this, it’s abilities deal 50% less damage


The Zealot:

The Zealot is meant to be a faster offensive powerhouse, continually dishing out fast attacks and picking off enemies. Instead of building up orbs and spending them on an overpriced ultimate. Instead of having said Combat Mantra, the Zealot trades this off for a passive that removes the cooldown of all spells… but makes them cost more and deal less damage. This is to ensure that it doesn’t just spam it’s 1st offensive spell tier and roflstomp everything. It also gets double the movement speed increase on surging Typhoon.

The Zen Master:

The Zen Master, different from a Zealot, is meant to be the complete opposite, instead of going ham on everything in sight; the Zen Master waits… dodges… and slowly attacks before… BAM! Half the boss’ health is down with one powerful attack. To do this, the Zen master loses surging typhoon (movement speed buff), in place of what is called Meditation. Meditation causes you to gain Qi orbs passively every 5 seconds as long as you have not used a special attack. After you have gained 3 Qi orbs you gain Zen Qi orbs, which act as stronger Qi orbs(which will spawn regardless of your use of a special attack). These Qi orbs replace regular Qi orbs, and (after you gain 3), will only be used by your ultimate spell tier. When used, they cause all damage and buffs to be amplified by 3x, and causes you to lose all Qi and Zen Qi orbs, it also causes Qi orbs to be un-spendable by any spell tier(but not Zen Qi Orbs). The Zen Master gets no other changes.



The Archmage is basically the regular mage, only longer range in every skill (tier), more powerful, but… a whole lot slower and weaker. It’s passive to increase damage is increased to 50%, it also, as the drawback, decreases the mage’s total defense by 50% also, whole lot stronger, whole lot weaker. However, it switches out it’s passive that causes it’s Ice proc on hit, to a passive that increases the range of all it’s spell tiers (including defensive) by 1.5x., the drawback of this is a 50% decrease in speed. The Archmage has no other changes.


Alright, the Warlock is the equivalent of what happens when the Mage, after getting tired of laser beams and volcanic eruptions, says “screw it”(Not the Warrior, Deviantartists, don’t get any ideas, just, just, don’t), and decides “you know what, maybe I should try to fight fire with fire”. What is the result? The Warlock. What does the warlock do? Well: The warlock sacrifices ALL of the mage’s passives for one: Demonic Dominion, what is that you ask? Well, Demonic Dominion makes it so that whenever you kill a regular or elite (the small ones with engraved health bars) minion, you have a 75% chance of enslaving that minion for your control. You can have a total number of 10 minions (including your one elite minion), after you have the limit, you no longer can enslave minions. The minions themselves act just like regular minions, except they attack whatever the Warlock attacks or whatever attacks the Warlock. You lose your minions at the end of a mission. During boss battles, you procure random small minions whenever you hit the boss


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    Crucible, I have read all 3 of these posts several times each over the past 3 months. Thank you for sharing these ideas with us. As a veteran RPG gamer I appreciate how youve stayed true to the RPG system Ive grown to know and love. You should really consider working in the gaming industry as a designer/writer for RPG's. I noticed that nobody had given you feedback yet and wanted you to know that your ideas are liked and appreciated. Keep up the great work in a field where it can make a difference. Just a suggestion, Max
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