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BeauBeau Registered Users 2 Posts
I like that yall had a update I and many other have really good ideas to maybe change stuff up a little and also what are the plans for future updates? Some permanent levels and new bosses? Also what about adding some demon lord reag's to endless? We all were really hoping some new pets would come out pets with stats and the ability to mage upgrade them and equip with runes and take into battle with you at least on the bosses and in the arena it should be a perk for having a pet... Should be able to equip a defense and attack runes. Also about the new update I like the new gear but dang it's outrageous to evolve them.. Just saying-thanks BEAU


  • BeauBeau Registered Users 2 Posts
    Also should change up the VP ratio and add another boss to boss hunt... It goes from 100vp to what 3000vp? Maybe add a new tourney and see how it goes and how everyone feels about?
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