FearBreakerFearBreaker Banned Users 72 Posts
Is Eternity Warriors 3 still functioning? If not then remove it here from forums including the appstore. I have written several emails asking for support and yet I have not received any email from your side and this has been an ongoing problem for the rest of the players as well. This has been the most "IRRESPONSIBLE AND GREEDY" company I have dealt with. Your in the business industry, your main objective is to provide service and next to that would be "SUPPORT". If you cannot provide it, then CLOSE YOUR ****ING COMPANY!!!


  • ARKNGELARKNGEL Registered Users 21 Posts
    what is the problem with glu. it's been very many months and have written many emails asking for a solution to the problem with my account but glu not listen. I thought glu was a serious company and also to market high quality games I thought I had a technical team prepared to solve problems. I am very disappointed because I want to play 3 and eternity warriors can not because of problems with my account. many hours and money lost in eternity warriors at all.
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