Glu not solve problems

ARKNGELARKNGEL Registered Users 21 Posts
what is the problem with glu. it's been very many months and have written many emails asking for a solution to the problem with my account but glu not listen. I thought glu was a serious company and also to market high quality games I thought I had a technical team prepared to solve problems. I am very disappointed because I want to play 3 and eternity warriors can not because of problems with my account. many hours and money lost in eternity warriors at all.


  • ewarrior3godsewarrior3gods Registered Users 3 Posts
    Too bad.. and yes many players already quit playing here because of poor support from glu.. but i got something to offer u just for u to stand and u can play again ewarrior3. Just leave me a message.. i promise ull not regret it..

    Email add : [email protected]
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