Suggestion: Make Pet Involved in Battles

akherepatakherepat Registered Users 19 Posts
According to your description of pet, for example, Nian Cub, it is to accompany a fighter on a journey but actually this is not seen in EW3. Pets like Nian Cub do not get involve and assist its owner in EW3 and this defeats its intended definition. To make EW3 more interesting, I suggest that pets should be made to get involve and assist owners in battles. This way the pet will be one of the most sought after equipments in EW3 and more money for glu.

In Taichi Panda, this innovation was fully utilized and is making the game more interesting and i think glu should take a cue from this. Make pets assist their owner to fight their enemies even in pvp Arena.

I will be better to actualize in the next game update and you will see players scrabbling to have pet.

Think of this.

Sincerely yours,

Matthew Patrick AKhere


  • lkmlkm Registered Users 14 Posts
    Good idea !! but how you can have a pet now?They where on the offering and some special events if I m remember right.
  • akherepatakherepat Registered Users 19 Posts
    TheEternal, You can get pet through gold offerings, like any other legendary equipment

    Matthew Patrick Akhere
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