Recovering chars after Iphone 5s reset

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I am playing EW3 on iphone 5s. My problem is that game occupies 200 mb, but documents and data is 4 GB. Im out of space on my iphone and this (documents and data) stuff is increasing. I am active player, I donate a lot of money and I dont want to lose my chars. But it seems if i do not reset my iphone, i wont be able to play, because im completely out of phone memory. Please advise:

1) if I back up iphone to icloud, then reset iphone and then I recover latest backup, will I get my chars?
2) if i sync iphone with itunes, then reset iphone, then sync with itunes again, will i get my chars?
because i know that deleting the game and re-installing will give me level 1 characters and all from the beginning and i dont want that.
But the fact that EW3 occupies 70% of my phone memory does not satisfy me as well.
So, please advise how can i restore my chars after i reset iphone?
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