Too many errors spoil ew3

akherepatakherepat New MemberRegistered Users 19 Posts
1. "Warning 1: Unknown error.' - Doesn't allow you to access the guild, access your daily quest loots or get your story quest rewards

2. "Network error. Retry?" - Doesn't allow you play your daily or story quest or allow you into the game proper

3. "Warning 302: Data Error - Denies you of tourney rewards

4. "Warning 90000000001: Access error" - Corrupt file and denies you access into EW3 game

There are also intangible errors:

1. "Warning 419: Hackers Invasion" - when you are denied of a fair game

2. "Warning F9: Glu Error" - associated with a developer who is more interested in churning out games than solving problems associated with the games.

This is not how to be a developer, glu.

Matthew Patrick Akhere
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