Can I sell my reagents ?

RumourRumour New MemberRegistered Users 4 Posts
Now that I've reached level 50 all the items I find that are an upgrade need Demon Lord reagents to evolve so my question is are all the reagents I've accumulated on reaching level 50 obsolete now ? Can I sell them to free up much needed backpack space ? Thanks in advance :-)


  • Max SterlingMax Sterling Experienced Member San Jose, CaliforniaRegistered Users 311 Posts
    Lol of course u can sell whatever u want. U can still use lower level reagents to evolve item's for evolution tourney. I can't believe this games still alive. I was forced to quit when my tablet broke and I lost my account. Several hundred dollars down the drain. I used to think that no other game could compare to EW3 but the truth is that there's plenty of great rpgs out there that all allow u to login from any device u wish and access ur account and all ur data is saved on their servers. Rise of Darkness and Darkness Reborn are just 2 of the games I've found to replace EW3 and I'm actually thankful for losing my account or I might never had found these wonderful games. All games have some issues but glu games are forever plagued by the data save issue and that's too bad
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