Narcoleptic Warriors 3

hellburrohellburro New MemberRegistered Users 3 Posts
I used to play at eternity Warriors since the first one .
My character , level 60 for a long time , has become narcoleptic. When i want to make a special attack or even a look in the inventory: too much emotion the game disappears. Sleeping. It is a delight not to be able to finish any quest . Waiting for hours to have access to the arena or the rabbit queen and ...everything disappears in a wink of eye. What I like above all, it s when that append with the page " version 4.1.1 improvement of the stability." May is my iPhone the guilty ? So i took blood n glory. A Nice little under ew3 with a recent graphics, a real stability but no soul for me. What a sad end for one of the best games of his generation. A blatant lack of respect for the old customers and their loyalty which risks to fall asleep also
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