Arena people skipping across screen

MbeezieMbeezie New MemberRegistered Users 3 Posts
I've finally able to get on ew3 after problem switching off my old defective note 3. Then 2.3 comes out now only in arenas it's impossible really to fight people. I do my attacks and they are not where they are really on my screen but all their attacks hit me where it shows them coming from direction. I shoot for example west and really they are on east side coming at me. What is going on and I know it's not my network connection, I've never had this problem before and only in arena. I can't really do arenas if the players are not really there where it shows me and only shows me there real position when there attack hits me.


  • revitrevit Experienced Member Registered Users 245 Posts
    until they fix it, its just swing and hope for a kill
  • reh2breh2b Junior Member Registered Users 95 Posts
    They make an update fix, i dwn it on ggstore, and...........Still laggin.....
  • Big SageBig Sage Experienced Member Registered Users 317 Posts
    This is ridiculous
  • Sasuke1000Sasuke1000 Banned Banned Users 225 Posts
    Anticipate the prediction line and attack lol. Like from the anime sword art online season 2 aka gun gale online lol.
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