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You did good for awhile Glu but with each update it just gets worse. If your goal is to bring in more money, its not working. Your just raging people to mod more. I have been playing for almost a year and just retired. You have failed to even keep up with your rivals such as iron knights and darkness reborn. I will be spending my time and money with darkness reborn now. You might want to hold some public polls or something because whoever is advising you to update the game is just ruining it.

I know you probably wont give a S*** about what im saying, but It makes me feel better


  • Chad RainboltChad Rainbolt New Member Registered Users 10 Posts
    I Totally agree!! This last update is the final straw!! You once again made the game no fun fo play!! I kept thinking that it has to get better!! I was WRONG!! GOODBYE TO Ew3 forever!!! Eagleheart78!!!
  • ARKNGELARKNGEL New Member Registered Users 21 Posts
    I totally agree too.soon i say goodbye to eternity warriors 3 and all glu games.two years losing my time and my money in this game,it's so sad
  • bossboss Junior Member Registered Users 58 Posts
    Yes I also have started playing darkness reborn and I can not motivate myself to play ew3 anymore after playing it for a good year + your updates seem to kill the game bit by bit and this last one is ridiculous new items which you need to be a hacker to evolve lol who advised you to do that.this ontop of all the other problems has killed the game, and your reputation, Very sad.
  • annonannon Experienced Member Registered Users 128 Posts
    Lie, Eagle, Boss
    we will miss you as guild members. I understand the frustration. I think it is a shame clean players are leaving while cheaters remain, but 8 months of modding and it has not been stopped yet.
    look me up in darkness...same ign
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