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List of Guides:

  • Where you can view, purchase and upgrade skills

  • Where you can upgrade your gear

Star Map
  • Where you can augment your character by adding Star Stones

  • Here you can offer tokens, gold or gems for items of varying type and rarity

  • Here you have access to crafting arms and armor using materials gained from missions, achievements and breaking down gear


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    The skills screen, as seen above, is broken into Active and Passive skills in which you can change to by clicking on the appropriate tab. On the left side you will see a list of the skills in the category you are in and on the left will be the skill information. Skills work similar to EW3 but there are some differences.

    What’s the same?

    • You need to achieve a specific level to unlock the ability to purchase a new skill or upgrade to a skill.
    • Each skill has a set number of levels you can upgrade

    What's New?

    • You cannot use Gems to buy a skill before it’s unlock level
    • You need specific items as well as the gold amount to purchase a skill
    • You can click on the item you need and it will allow you to buy it with Gems or show you the level you can farm the item on.
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    The gear upgrade system is much different from the previous versions of the game. While you still upgrade gear levels to increase their stats, there are some major differences in the system.

    What’s new?

    • You can only upgrade the level of the weapon to your current character level
    • You no longer upgrade individual items, instead you upgrade gear categories
    • At certain levels you will need item materials to be able to continue to upgrade (Levels 4, 9, 14, 19, etc.)
    • If you are missing materials can click on the “But All Materials” button or you can click on the individual material and purchase it with Gems or click find to see what levels you can farm the item on.
    • You can change out your gear without having to upgrade the near gear from scratch!
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    This system allows you to further augment your character stats.

    What’s new?

    • Star Map can be used to augment your character stats such as Attack, Defense, Health, ect.
    • Starting at level 10 and every two levels thereafter you unlock a new slot in the Star Map in which you can attach specific Star Stones.
    • You can combine same type and level stones together to increase its level and how much of a bonus it provides
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    Like previous versions of the game, you will be able to get randomized items from the Offerings. This will be our best place to obtain higher rarity items and gear.

    What’s new?

    • There are only two Offerings to choice from, God of Iron and God of Gold
    • God of Iron has 3 free spins a day which you can use 10 minutes apart from one another
    • You can obtain up to legendary items in each Offering, however the odds for such items are much better in the Gold of Gold Offering.
    • Each time you spin you work your way towards a guaranteed bonus item!
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    The Blacksmith system is for when you have gear of blue to gold rarity that you no longer use. Instead of selling the gear you can instead break it down which will turn it into shards that can be used by the Blacksmith.

    What’s new?

    • Break down old gear into shards to be used for crafting
    • Multiple sets of gear that can be forged using shards, all providing set bonuses based on the number of same set items being worn
    • Different rarity gear breaks down into different rarity shards
    • Blacksmith makes weapons and armor sets, rings and necklaces not included in the sets
    • Shards can be gained through Offerings as well
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