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LustfulLustful Registered Users 2 Posts
I started my account 2days ago but it wouldn't let me link with Facebook or just make one so I signed in as guessed and got 1st in an arena got the reward in the top 50 for launch event so far. Name is Lustful leader of a guild name ShadeOfChaos. And logged in today and tried to see if I could link it to my Facebook but it still wouldn't let me so I thought maybe it did and I just missed it so I logged out and now I can't re access that account


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    Tha SnitchTha Snitch Registered Users 4 Posts
    Hi...I just had the same thing happen...logged out after spending two days getting my warrior to 4000ps. Then I logged out and when I logged back in my warrior was gone and it was forcing me to start again as if I never played. I tried same things you did and then I found one last thing to try and it worked!!! I changed servers when I first signed up because the one it defaulted to had a red dot so I switched to one with a green dot. When I tried logging in and then changed the server to the one I originally chose, my warrior was back!!!!! I hope this works for you as well. Good luck!
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    TacoBillTacoBill Registered Users 115 Posts
    This might be a blessing..get out now before you end up massively disappointed when glu loses interest in this game and you're left with a broken glitchy mess...
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    jakub1302jakub1302 Registered Users 197 Posts
    I would orlistat to your a s s. Get your s h i t outta here before I smash your face.
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