Hackers have made cheats for this game

once again cheaters are back and wanting to ruin the game again i think a ban hammer needs to happen and fast.

Cheats like
1.instant skills witch not a big surprise because i notice alot of bots in the game have this to and can be annoying for say in arena thats where i see alot of it.

2.Pause time it pauses the time when fighting a boss witch i don't really mind because this is pretty helpful consider the fact everything is over price in the game and pain in the *** to upgrade and get energy without having to spend hours watching videos or spend money i don't mind but when some of the iap is over price then i won't waste my cash and 2.5 million gems to get vip 15 and $99.99 just to get 2,500 gems total rip off.

starting to think of it the cheats sound more helpful then the legit ways of watching videos or have to pay over price iap just to get gems and energy

but they still need to be patched.

sorry for the rant.
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