possible to get a 3 classification like ew3 and bgi for guild members

hellschefhellschef Registered Users 148 Posts
Is it possible to get senior officer class added to guild status for members all of the games have 3 classes ..by you guys why the change from 3 officer classes to 2 senior allowed us to but the elite members in proper class .. so many changes in one game crazy


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    annonannon Registered Users 128 Posts
    Hola Hells, easier to chat with you here than in guild chat because of the constant X is online and y is online and z is online...
    My camera won't move for boss levels, so my game progress is stalled. I am "working" with support but have been since day 2 of the game. The latest is they wanted screen shots. hehe...they want a still shot of a level where everything just stands still! I sent them 2 stills of my still screen. That should bring some fast action!
    Anyway, hope all is well, and maybe one day they will update and give us different guild classes (member, office, senior, and firth), fix the constant sync problems, fix having to re-boot when you watch a vid (and don't get vid reward), have an on/off for guild notifications, and last but surely not least, fix the camera problem I have so I can play!
    PS and mebbe also include some tips on killin; cyclop?
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    FirthFirth Registered Users 219 Posts
    "The latest is they wanted screen shots. hehe...they want a still shot of a level where everything just stands still!"...love it
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    nightforcenightforce Registered Users 37 Posts
    1 time i also had the bug of displaced boss fight. the camera is just fixed and you don't see the boss...

    but happened only 1 time...
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    hellschefhellschef Registered Users 148 Posts
    I have contacted and sent several screen shots in to try and get bug fixes that bug I have seen specifically with assasin class I will still be fighting and warriors as well but assasin is stalled or just running in place .. got a message that they are working on a bug fix this morning or update wich ever . You know glu .. hopefully have learned from past games .. and Sry to here anonn get line bro just have to turn k ff notifications and won't drain battery so bad .. friend firthuv5th he will see you get in line chat
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