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I have to think some one out there cares about this game, so here is a list of things that are causing people to leave and/or give it bad reviews on the android side:

1) Modders - peeps will not spend on this game until the modders are gone. No competitive advantage to pay since you will never beat them.
2) Expensive IAP - $10 USD for 200 gems? Not even enough to upgrade a single skill, of which there are well over 100. And who thought level 5 Star Stones could fetch 2,500 gems ($100 USD...and you need like 20 of them??!!)
3) Camera does not work on 1-10, 2-10, 3-10, etc. My old complaint but no resolution after a month.
4) On Assasin, skill buttons 2 and 4 do not work in World Boss after you use skill button 4 the first time. In fact, often the hero disappears from the arena. You do not die, but you can't play any more.
5) Last update brought back pop up videos, even if VIP and you paid to remove them. These often crash the game.
6) Free videos get hung up with 1 second to go, making you force stop the game.

But anyway, I kinda like the game. I still play even with all the problems above. I would prolly pay if the bugs were worked out.

Not Firth


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    Hey Anonn bro, R u still remember ur words from ew3? or I also forget too. ;-)
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