Love it :)

mohicanmohican Registered Users 326 Posts
Lots of complaining on the forums bout EW4 but it's probably the best visual game I've ever played on a handheld device.

Stunning graphics and much more balanced compared to EW3 and you can actually get through easier without spending money since you can earn a heck ton of gems in game. Also there's so much you can do in the game to earn stuff instead of farming farming farming.

The hacker numbers have also exponentially decreased from Ew3

It's a 2 thumbs up from me


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    toniribeirotoniribeiro Registered Users 47 Posts
    Just wait for future updates and you will see the game getting harder for new upcoming players. EW 3 was also playable before the ice queen map and runes.
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    sakabatousakabatou Registered Users 17 Posts
    agree on graphics.. but everything else is.. mehh. :mad:
    and yep, modders. same old glu. it's right in front their eyes, but.. u know. :(
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