Cry baby Minigg

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Dear handles i belive monigg has alot of personal agendas against alot of players and guilds. This is a rivalry that has begun a long time ago. Rivalrees against my players that spend hard work monney they earn on this game includding my self. Im a $100 and $30 dollar suscriber and i perchase gems during the week. I know for a fact he hase modders in his guild and he is mad because he has real competicion now and that gets him angre. If he docent stop harrasment me and my paying players will stop all perchases . You shud make him pay for monney you will be loosing. Can you please send them some tissues they cry to much. Thanks. Guild Leader of ExpendableS AxavioX Android platform


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    You can´t even spell his nickname right :D It´s not that hard, try again with me: M-o-n-i-g-g. Aaa, well then, your making some progress. Again: M-o-n-i-g-g, very good, you´ve got it down this time, mate ;) No woman /understand: modders/, no cry. Have a good day.
    EW3: Jakub1302
    BGI: Jakub 1302, the guildleader of Goodfellas
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