What are the best video editors for mobile gaming in 2024?

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With how powerful phones are getting, I'm interested to know what video editing apps you all think will be top-notch for mobile in 2024. I do a lot of filming and editing directly on my iPhone now, but I'm sure even better options will emerge in the next couple of years.

The key features I need in a mobile video editor:

  • Easy to use UI - nothing too complex for a small screen
  • Solid editing features - transitions, trimming, text/graphics overlays
  • Ability to export in high quality - at least 1080p
  • Bonus for cool effects, filters, stickers, etc

Right now I use InShot, which is pretty good. But I think Wink apk has huge potential to dominate the mobile editing space by 2024. Wink's automated editing and enhancement technologies seem perfect for fast, quality video creation on a phone 🥰

What other mobile video editors are you keeping an eye on? Do you think we'll see significant strides in AI-assisted editing tools designed specifically for phones and tablets? Let me know your top picks for mobile video editing in the next couple of years!


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