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jking78jking78 Registered Users 1 Posts
How can I get more stars for my weapons. I'm using the Ar5 with (3) stars i want to use it at max stars (8)


  • YellowBoyBlk67YellowBoyBlk67 Registered Users 1 Posts
    Jking78 you first have too max level the 3* gun then you can fuse it with the same gun
  • doorsoutdoorsout Registered Users 17 Posts
    Right. You need another 3 star gun. This will get you to 4star. Then to level up a 4 star you need two 3 star guns of the same type, then three 3 star gun for a 6 star. At 6 Star you need another 6 star to go to 7 star then two 6 star to get to 8 Star. Best to buy a purple 6 star for 1850 gems. You need a lot of Gun XP too - It also costs gold to do this.
    But all this just gets you an 8 star (gun xp and fusing). Your gun won't be that powerful unless you level up the 6 components (sights, clip, etc). Leveling up components is tedious as you have to collect the components and spend gold to level them up. I estimate about 145k gold to get to level 40 for all 6 components. Level 40 is max for a 4 star I think. The cost to level up increases with each level for each component so getting to say level 50 will cost a lot of gold after painfully collecting the components via play or costly crates. This whole leveling mechanism should be simplified and more affordable. Free guns? Play Co-op and collect get parts/fragments and open Free crates when available.
  • csampson871csampson871 Registered Users 6 Posts
    Sorry for jumping into this so late but just recently loaded this game. I have several guns that have not reached their max power or level as of yet.
    EX: I have a 3* AR-5 that is currently at level 30 w/Power of 32088 but appears to only be at 1/2 strength
    EX: I have an 3* Assault Rifle CARLITO where the weapon itself is at LEVEL 30 but the individual components from 6-12
    EX: 3* Assault rifle FRONZEN TEMPEST again at level 30 with the individual components vary.

    I see from the replies above that you can get additional power by fusing other guns of the same type. HOWEVER when I click on the Inventory tab I have a ton of Components that seems like I can only sell them and NOT APPLY them anywhere. There are multiple Stocks, Sights, receivers etc. How CAN I apply these to my collection of guns??
  • felix0121felix0121 Registered Users 10 Posts
    6-star gun + 6-star gun = 7-star gun.

    7-star gun + two 6-star guns = 8-star gun.

    I don't remember exactly how many 3-star guns were consumed to make one 6-star gun. But I'm sure that it gets harder as you level it up.

    So you should carefully choose what gun to upgrade before you start.
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