Game Update! 11.22.2016

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Rival Fire has an update for both iOS and Android, available 11.22.2016

What’s New! in v1.2

• User Interface Overhauled
o Armor and Gun Upgrading Interface Completely Redone
o Players can now Directly Purchase Components When Upgrading
o Gun and Squadmate colors have been removed – Star level now reflects a gun’s power.
o Updated icons and graphics

• New PVP Rewards – Now Get Rewarded After Every Match, and for Ranking Up!
• New Level Up Rewards – Now earn rewards when you level up your character!
• iPhone 7 and 6+: 3D Touch Functionality Added!

• New guns and added! - New guns will be unvieled in the coming months!

• Tutorial Overhauled
o New Boss at mission 3!
o New Gun Trials at mission 5 for new players, test out some of Rival Fire’s most powerful weapons!
o Tutorial streamlined – New players get in the action faster than ever!

• Bug Fixes
• Adjusted PVP Auto-Balancing
Congratulations, Captain!
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