Every Sunday Chef Duel Rank Drops?

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Every Sunday, when it comes time to collect my weekly chef duel reward, my chefs Duel Rank and score drop by about 200 points. Is this normal?

Each week I work my way up to Chef De Parties and about 1350, and the on Sunday I drop down to 1150 Junior chef.

1) Does this happen to everyone? If so what is the scale? How do they measure how many points you lose?

2) How is it even possible to get a higher chefs Duel Rank? I play alottttt, spent a good amount of real money, and throughout the week it's hard for me to get any higher than 1350 only to have it dropped again.

Thanks in advance for the help.


  • kimmieann43113kimmieann43113 Junior Member 53 PostsRegistered Users
    From the GRD Faqs
    • Duels reset every week to give everyone a chance to work their way to the top. The #1 rank is 1600, and they get reset to 1300, which is the most you drop. For the rest of us who are not as ambitious, we lose one rank, depending on your score.
  • kimmieann43113kimmieann43113 Junior Member 53 PostsRegistered Users
    I found this to better help you understand the resets: http://gordonramsaydash.wikia.com/wiki/Chef_Duel
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