Sticky Hand again?

Is anyone else experiencing the Sticky Hand issue again, particularly in Royal Orchid?

Recently, I'm having difficulty delivering dishes to customers. I haven't had trouble doing so since the Sticky Hand issue when the game changed from grouped meal delivery to single item delivery, around the time of Dragon Bowl release.

It's very frustrating! I'm just wondering if I'm getting careless or clumsy or if others are having this issue.

- SuFe718


  • M0MM0M Registered Users 122 Posts
    I also encounter this. Most of the time, I blamed myself. I think I must have tapped in the wrong place. But your post reassured me that it's not just me! Also in GP, occasionally when I serve a single customer a drink with a dish, only the dish is served and I am still holding the drink. I have to retap the same customer several times before the drink is served. It really messes up the flow of the game.
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