Blue Nile (and other new venues) not giving full upgrade info!

I'm pretty annoyed that I just spent a LOT of coins and gold fully upgrading the BN fermentation stations only to discover they appear to be totally dormant once the BN autochef is purchased! Normally, items in the upgrade store clearly say when they will be made redundant by the autochef but this equipment did not (upgradable to 3 drums plus more for increased speed)! Granted, I'm still in the early episodes of this venue but it certainly LOOKS as though the autochef tasks what the fermentation drums produce; he certainly does the bread item.

This is at least the second time recently that a new venue allowed the upgrading of something that the autochef tasked without any such notification (egg yolk dispenser in KC is another). It isn't fair!

Upgrading venues is getting ever more expensive and then to upgrade something that turns out to be useless -- entirely because sufficient information was not provided in the store -- is so disheartening!

Please try to do better! Your loyal player base trusts you to make such things entirely clear, not just partially clear. Thank you.

- SuFe718
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