My Restaurant Ideas

I have a bunch of restaurant ideas, but here are some of them
1. The Chicken Strip (New Orleans, Louisiana)
2. Fruitopia Bar (Miami, Florida)
3. Sweetie Cake's Bakery (Edinburgh, Scotland)
4. Underwater Cove (Honolulu, Hawaii)
5. Antarctica Seafood Party (Antarctica Shoreline)
6. Mexican Buffet (Mexico City, Mexico)


  • geraintlewis268geraintlewis268 Registered Users 21 Posts
    Those all sound really great!
  • AsentinnAsentinn Registered Users 141 Posts
    Underwater sounds AMAZING. Got to realize there are A LOT of "biomes" where we can serve dishes - space, underwater, desert, street (yeah, actuall street like those minibars).

    When thinking about desert I would like to see some wheather effects! Tiny leaves floating by the wind, drops of rain etc. Maybe when you localize venue in some rainy area, Our character/or Gordon could wear an umbrella :D.

    But that Underwater thing moved my imagination.
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  • texasuglystiktexasuglystik Registered Users 1 Posts
    How about making a New Orleans Gumbo ,alligator jambalaya, creole cornbread, and pecan pralines, and for the drink make a spiced punch
  • ChefWreckChefWreck Registered Users 54 Posts
    I love the idea of a space restaurant so much  :p
  • 2sohinijain2sohinijain Registered Users 1 Posts
    I think an Indian restaurant would be interesting.... Considering the amount of variety of food they serve there
  • gingerjaegingerjae Registered Users, Member 10 Posts
    I've been hoping for an Indian restaurant, too. I also like the underwater suggestion. I would definitely unlock that location.
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