Check Connection errors AGAIN!

I cannot join or create goal due to this error. The social hub was okay 5 hours ago -- there were only SOME goals I could not join because they'd time out with Connection Errors. I could still create my own goals and join other goals just fine, which was odd but satisfactory. But now the whole hub is pretty inaccessible. This is NOT satisfactory! ?

I've noticed that things like special events and Sundays, when lots of people are playing, both of which are occurring simultaneously today, tend to wreak havoc with the social hub. So, basically, the very day I usually complete a lot of duels/goals, to try to reach my personal target levels, has become nearly unplayable due to instability and Check Connection errors probably due to high volume of players playing...

I think more players playing making the problems worse is the very definition of a vicious circle! Very disappointing and extremely frustrating! 

I thought the update date was supposed to have fixed all (or some of) these problems! 

- SuFe

- SuFe718
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