Serve All Customers not counting in current Happy Hour Event?

SupremeFettucineSupremeFettucine Registered Users 443 Posts
Is anyone else having this issue? 

I just served all customers (with many seconds to spare so no controversial finishes) in a few episodes of Diner de Muertos which had previously been 5 star Silver but they didn't say Served All Customers at the end and didn't turn Gold! I'm SO disappointed!

I inadvertently upgraded the chairs fully instead of the tables (so dumb -- if I were going to upgrade another thing it would've been counter since the turnover is so slow!), so after upgrading the tables, I now have 3 extra Customers to serve each episode of this fairly complicated venue. I was really looking forward to this happy hour event to enable me to reach my goal of 5-star gold everywhere! There are always a few episodes in each venue, I find, which require the happy hour events to reach gold rank. What's up with this event not granting the gold?

Or is it just me? ?

- SuFe718


  • DashingMikeDashingMike Moderators 664 Posts
    Hey there. In order to get the gold stars, you'll have to finish all Customers prior to Happy Hour activating. If you're completing them all, do you mind taking a screenshot before Happy Hour activates so I can have the team take a look? Thanks!
  • SupremeFettucineSupremeFettucine Registered Users 443 Posts
    Oh, is that a new policy? Because I've used Happy Hour to gold star episodes I had silver starred (meeting profit reqs) before in other venues. Those extra 20 seconds often help me to serve the few reg diners plus the 3 happy hour guests to reach gold star status. 

    I took plenty of screen shots (although couldn't capture a few of the earlier episodes before the event was over because a server error shortened the event time for me) and they show that I've served all diners, with time on the clock, meeting profit req -- but they all include the happy hour guests.

    What is curious is that several episodes DID become gold. Others remained Silver. Again, before the event I had met profit but it took the happy hour to serve All guests. My experience with all other venues in the past was that this was a proven way to earn the gold rank. 

    Let me know if you want me to pm the screenshots to you. They ones that turned gold clearly say All Customers Served and the others say just Good Job or whatever but I thought (and experienced) All Customers served and profits met earned gold stars even during happy hour! I thought that was partly why some people BOUGHT the happy hour upgrade rather than waiting for the special event, to earn the gold rank faster?

    - SuFe718
  • AmyYepAmyYep Registered Users 60 Posts
    Usually within happy hour I can get to gold pretty easy, but I find with happy hour you have to serve all but the final two customers for it to count as all customers served. If you have 3 seats open for happy hour customers, and your two remaining guests from the episode it seems to count towards getting the gold all customers served status. I am not positive that is for sure or what I did playing in my sleep! Lol Just my humble opinion! Still no way to get into my game Sufe2! Sorry!?
  • SupremeFettucineSupremeFettucine Registered Users 443 Posts
    Thanks, Amy. I hadn't remembered it working that way, but I had fewer Silver episodes to convert to gold. I'll try to get gold with boosts only. I just wish I hadn't goofed with the upgrading! So dumb, total facepalm moment! ? If I'd not added that extra customer by tapping chairs (patience...umm, who cares, lol!), when meaning to tap tables, I think I'd have completed them easily! Now I'm always just one customer short! Hopefully I'll get it during the next Free Play event, when I can play for 34 hrs straight and master the flow of that kitchen (jk)! 

    I will keep that friend spot open for you, Amy. I'm so sorry you're having so much trouble getting into your game! I was happy when I saw your request but, as I wrote you, I just wasn't sure what was going on with that person and with all the problems with the GGs and hub in general, was wary of deleting anyone who seemed affected by all of that. Just send me a request when you're able! Cheers!

    - SuFe

    - SuFe718
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