New bug in CARNEval?

Since the latest Muertos update, CARNEval is suddenly doing odd things. The oddest, and most frustrating by far, is that the game now often threads only one meat on each skewer even though it appears to be loading two!

Upon launching an episode or duel, usually I immediately grab two skewers and tap twice on two types of meat to get them going into the fire pits. It takes a while (too long, imho) for the meats to load but bc it does take so long, I can clearly see that each skewer gets two pieces before I throw them into the fire, then I grab two more skewers and repeat. Before the update, all would be well -- my two skewers of two meats each would be ready by the time the first diners entered. But now, I keep finding that despite what I saw when I put the skewers in the fire pits, only one of the same kind of meat is on those skewers -- and the next pair are similarly messed up. So now there's no good way to "prepare" lest you end up with four skewers of 1 meat each leaving one in your hand (assuming you have all 3 storage slots open), cutting down on what one can prepare unless willing to take the penalty of trashing it. 

I've also notice some weirdness with the salad station, particularly (but not only) the black olives not adding when tapped, and the drink station which also now requires more than one tap to grab a drink...

Finally, this is the latest venue to have caught the "sticky hand" syndrome, where it takes more than one, and often many, taps to serve customers (yes, I know where to tap to deliver to each unique seat :) ). This wasn't happening before and now is. It has happened in various other venues and then seemed to be resolved. It has never been addressed, not that I've seen anyway, by support or anyone in an official capacity but I started a thread about it a few months ago on the old forum and a number of players agreed that they'd experienced it. As I wrote above, it seems to have improved or disappeared in most venues although it does still seem to happen regularly in Royal Orchid and now, sadly, it's started here. 

These things all worked seemlessly before so it's disappointing! 

Has anyone else noticed the single-skewering thing happening all of a sudden? I'm on iOS. 

- SuFe718


  • AmyYepAmyYep Registered Users 60 Posts
    I can join you on this one! Half the time I have to smack the hell out of the olive station to get olives! I am going to have a dent in my screen at this rate! Lol
  • JazzzedJazzzed Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    Yes, I too am having the problem with the skewers. Only one meat gets loaded on per skewer when fully upgraded. 22 gold for nothing. I'm playing the game on ipad/ios.
  • ChefWreckChefWreck Registered Users 54 Posts
    I've experienced all the problems described by OP :(
    I still managed to get all gold stars in this restaurant but it was an exercise in frustration.
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