Coins earned during duels?

I've been playing this game almost since the beginning and I guess I always just assumed that the coins earned during duels were the same as those earned playing regular episodes in venues, but now I'm not so sure. During the past week I dueled far more than I played episodes and I didn't seem to earn nearly the same amount of coins that I normally would. So now I'm curious!

Does anyone have a definitive answer on this? 

There IS a coin-clinking sound at the end of a duel, which would seem to indicate that money is earned, but maybe it's only tips rather than the full meal profit you get in the venues? Dunno, maybe I'm just imagining things...

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- SuFe718


  • petesahutttpetesahuttt Registered Users 13 Posts
    From my experience you don;t earn any coins from chef duels
  • SupremeFettucineSupremeFettucine Registered Users 443 Posts
    Wow! Doesn't that seem inherently wrong!?! Shouldn't we earn the coins, same as in venues? I can't believe it took me so long to notice this shortcoming!

    - SuFe718
  • petesahutttpetesahuttt Registered Users 13 Posts
    Yeah, we definitely should get the coins, how do we petition the game-makers?
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