Ideas of new group goals.

Since we don't have update of new venue for longer period of time I will sugest to add new group golas to make the game more exciting.
My ideas of new goals to win some boosts are:
- Win 1500 coins in venue - Reward:"Carry Four" Boost ; Grand Price:3 gold bars for 5 players to complete the goal, 60 hearts to create the goal.
- Win 3000 coins in venue - Reward: "Rush Hour" or "Tasting Spoon";Grand Price: 5 gold bars for 4 players to complete the goal,100 hearts to create the goal.
Any other ideas guys?


  • petesahutttpetesahuttt Registered Users 13 Posts
    First idea for me would be for them to fix the glitch that doesn;t allow me to join a group goal for the bogus 'connection error'
  • SisterbearSisterbear Junior Member Registered Users 113 Posts
    I would love any goal that would give different prep recipes. I'm sick of the same 2(Burger & Cioppino) they give for 500/1500 coins wins in various venues. I end up doing the prep recipes box for 8 duels and hope for Calzone, Bourguginon, or Halwa but rarley get them. In fact in opening over 100 prep recipes boxes I only got Marlowe 1 time! Bourguginon 2 times and Halwa 4 times. the vast majority are Kabsa (which I wont use) Pork Belly and Ginger Snaps.
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