VIPs don't appear.

dizzblnddizzblnd Registered Users, Member 13 Posts
This is a bug or not. Sometimes when I use VIPs in any venue they don't show up that whole round. I assumed when I prepped them in the prep kitchen and use them that they should be showing up.  Their food shows but they don't.  Is this the way it's supposed to be? Is that a chance I take that they don't show up? 

This is not really too urgent I just wondered. No hurries about getting back to me. Thank you


  • AsentinnAsentinn Registered Users 141 Posts
    Are you sure you are serving ALL clients before Happy Hour (if present) jumps in? From my perspective they always appear but sometimes I miss few clients and that's why I end up with 1 or none VIPs served.

    There are always 2 VIPs per dish. Notice that when you use prep total customer count increases by 2.
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