Wanted: Best and Active players for group goals FEB 2018

add me: ghettocandy i need active friends! i complete goals as fast as i can and play daily


  • DonnaRuthDonnaRuth Registered Users 20 Posts
    Added you
  • RexyTanRexyTan Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    me too! RexyTan is my username :)
  • palimpsetpalimpset Registered Users 28 Posts
    edited February 2018
    Player ID: Maeby Bluth

    The only group goals I don’t do are for duels. It’s not worth it to me.
  • DolisDolis Registered Users 28 Posts
    Hi palimpsest,
    I have added you!thanks for accepting.Thank you for completing my goals.Unfortunately I can't see your goals to pay you back.The game issue again!

  • palimpsetpalimpset Registered Users 28 Posts
    Hey @Dolis I saw. Thanks! I’ve unfortunately just started to get the connection error for group goals again so who knows how long this is gonna last.
  • DolisDolis Registered Users 28 Posts
    Hi @palimpset.Me too,that bogus error is very enoying.I have seen your latest goal before you asked for help,it means I can see it.Happy playing and hopefully the error will be resolved soon.
  • TaylorMade0683TaylorMade0683 Registered Users 33 Posts
    Hey all please feel free to join our Facebook fan group “restaurant dash with Gordon Ramsay “ we have many active players looking for hub friends
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