Didn't receive double gold

kimmikatkimmikat Registered Users, Member 13 Posts
I was supposed to receive double gold last week during the double gold offer, but they only awarded me half. I contacted Tapjoy support last week and all they had was an automatic response saying that I have been rewarded my gold. But I only received half. Is there any other email for them? Thanks.


  • DashingMikeDashingMike Moderators 664 Posts
    Sorry to hear that! Please contact Customer Care and they'll be able to help you get situated.
  • kimmikatkimmikat Registered Users, Member 13 Posts
    Is that different than Tapjoy customer care?
  • DashingMikeDashingMike Moderators 664 Posts
    Yes, this is different from the Tapjoy Customer Care. You'll be able to locate Restaurant Dash with Gordon Ramsay Customer Care within the game in Settings.
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